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Reading Therapy

We believe that not every student is receptive to the same method. Fancy Phonics offers two programs for students of all ages with challenges in reading, spelling, and written expression: The DuBard Association Method and Neuhaus.  

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Emergent Literacy

For kindergarten and 1st grade students, literacy skills will be developed through activities that emphasize phonological awareness, phonics, listening comprehension, and handwriting & fine motor skills.

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Educational Tutoring

Academic support is available for students that need some TLC in the areas of writing composition, comprehension, study skills & organization, and handwriting. 

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Screenings & Informal Assessments

Screenings and informal assessments are done initially to find out not only your students strengths and weaknesses, but where they would start in their prospective program. They provide such great information, specifically if further testing or an evaluation is warranted. 

Online Class

Remote Services

Is distance a problem? Do you have scheduling conflicts because of a hectic schedule? Receive the same high-quality services no matter where you are. It's what you deserve. 

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FREE initial consultations are available to all new and prospective clients. Seek an opportunity to get to know the owner, and decide whether or not our services will be beneficial to you. Additional consultations can be made based on availability. 

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Advocacy & Support

At Fancy Phonics, LLC, we understand the impact that learning difficulties can make. We provide reliable resources and compassionate support for our families to ensure the best possible experience. 

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Special Services

In addition to providing our services to our clients, we also offer plentiful services to private and public schools. These services include  consultations, screenings, treatment, and contractual agreements.

Our company enjoys  to share our knowledge! We are available to speak to your class, teachers, and parent groups!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Jumping into the world of educational therapy can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know where to begin or from what services your child might benefit most. Whether your child is falling behind and you don't know why, or they've just received a diagnosis and you don't know what's next, we're here to help! Contact us for an initial consultation where we can get to know your child  and we can decide what the next steps are as a team.