Thanks to My Mother: A Personal Blog on the Impact of Reading

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

By Brittany Dotson, M.Ed, LDT

Going on a trip to the public library was something I did often with my mother. She made me look forward to searching for a new book. Oh and getting more than one at a time really got me excited! One day when we make it back home, she said "I bet you can't finish that book today!". My mother knew that once I had my mind set on something, I would do it. She challenged me and I just couldn't resist. I went to the living, my chosen place to get lost into this book that I would be reading for a couple of hours. I read and then turned a page that felt crisp to the touch, then read and read some more. The shock that my mother had expressed when I told her I was finished with my book was amazing. She was extremely impressed and proud, which motivated me to read some more. I wanted to because I enjoyed it and I thought it was fun.

She would often bring home books and surprise me. The complete set of Nancy Drew, a lot of Babysitter's Club books, you name it. I had my very own personal library with various types of texts and I took pride in it. The books gave me all the wonderful things that accompany them such as mental stimulation, knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical skills, and better writing skills.

This all shaped me into who I am today. If it weren't for my mom and books, I would not be able to live out God's purpose. The children I have met and are yet to encounter rely on me to model exactly what a "good reader" is. It's crazy to think that I would not be where I am today, in this career, if it weren't for books. If I never had a good experience with books, the act of teaching others of their good would not cross my mind.

So thank you to all the books I've ever touched.

So thank you to my mommy dearest, for oh so many things. Specifically, for placing so much emphasis on the most important thing that you can do, read. Thank you for motivating me because you knew all I wanted to do was impress you and make you proud.

Thank you mommy dearest.

Happy heavenly birthday to my first love.

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