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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

There is literally nothing more beautiful than seeing someone that has struggled to be successful. That is why I work so hard to make sure my students leave with the necessary skills they did not come to me with. I want to be present through all their struggles and successes. However, educational therapist are only with your child on an average of 3-4 hours a week. So this means I can not always be present when the magic happens. Sure, I can see my student's progress through collected data from assessments and such. But what about the other times in a child's life? Like when they are at home or in the car? Most of us don't think twice about these settings but a light bulb can turn on in a child's brain any second. And these settings are where the child may feel the most comfortable. In saying this, you can really witness your child's growth in these moments.

Once you witness progression, keep a record of it. A good record is one that has specific details of what the child did along with the date it was done. You also should include notes on: how long your student has been working on said skill, ways they once struggled with the skill, and what your child has been doing to build this skill. Definitely add some of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your child's too! You guys have come a long way with dedication and hard work, so write about it!

I think it is a fabulous idea for parents to keep a record of their child's progress in therapy. It has so many benefits! It can increase your child's confidence because they will see how big of an accomplishment they just made, especially if you took the time to write it down. This activity can also be used as a bonding experience between you and your child. Your relationship will definitely grow when you write down how proud they have made you and they see how they have made you proud. Keeping record will also allow others an inside look into your child's journey. From your family to the teacher, they will better understand everything your child's weaknesses and how hard they work to have their strengths. It will also aid in your therapist's data so they can write the most individualized therapy plan for your child.

I have created some progress notes that you can use for your child. Use can share these with family, teachers, your child, and the therapist. You can even use these notes as a testimonial for your therapist! After all, this IS your testimony!

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