Hmmm...A Tutor or an Educational Therapist?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

By Brittany Dotson, M.Ed, LDT

If you're a parent or a guardian, you definitely want what is best for your child. You know your child needs help but you just aren't quite sure which option to go with. Or maybe you've never heard of an educational therapist. Perhaps you had no idea there was even a difference between a tutor and an educational therapist. Both tutors and educational therapists, such as a dyslexia therapist or a structured literacy therapist, can help your child perform better at the academic level and increase confidence. I will discuss what a tutor is and compare it to an educational therapist. This should help you think about which option is better for your child.

Hopefully now you understand the difference between these two professionals. If your child has been unsuccessful with a tutor in the past, it might be beneficial to get an educational therapist.

If you would like to discuss which option is better for your child, contact Fancy Phonics, LLC at (601) 885-3084,, or click here to book a free consultation.

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